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We Love Our New Jersey Devils!

The New Jersey Devils are a professional hockey team from Newark, New Jersey. This club is playing in the NHL and it represents one part of the famous Metropolitan Division. This team was founded in Kansas City, in 1974. They moved to Colorado in Denver city two years later. In this short period, they have received the nickname ”Colorado Rockies”. The current name was set in 1982, when the club came in East Rutheford.

They are performing in the current arena, Prudential Center from the 2007-2008 season, after moving here from Continental Airlines Arena, the previous Brendan Byme Arena. At first, they had a tough period in New Jersey and the team failed several times to reach the playoffs of the Stanley Cup and never didn’t go higher than the fifth position in their division. Despite this disappointment, New Jersey Devils jersey sales were still through the roof. The fans still had their faith!

A crucial role in their evolution belongs to Lou Lamoriello, which was the general manager and the president. He took the club in 1987. With him in the lead, the Devils were capable to enter in the playoffs. During the 1988-2012 it happened three times. In the years 1994-1995, 1999-2000 and 2002-2003 the club won for three times the Stanley Cup.

The equipment and the Jerseys are very well created. The dominant colours are black, red and white, on both home and road kits. There are some special numbers for these kits, like 4 and 27, numbers who belong to legendary players of the club. They also have the 9 trophies of the Atlantic Division, the most recent being in 2009-2010 season.

The New York Rangers club is the biggest enemy for the NJ Devils. They are called as “cross-river” rivals, because of the Madison Square Garden arena, where Rangers play, which is over the Hudson River and less than 10 miles from the home arena of the Devils. The rivalry’s most famous moments are represented by the meetings during the 1993-1994 and 1994-1995 seasons. The last one ended with NJ Devils obtaining the Stanley Cup.

They have a strong name who was picked by the club’s fans. In 1982, the club received the name ”New Jersey Devils” from its legend, Jersey Devil, Around 10,000 people voted for this the name, which fits perfectly in the club image.

Over the years, some names found their places in this team history. They contribute club development by giving their best on the field and fighting for glory. One of them is Patrick Elias. A lot of people say that he is probably one of the most underrated team forwards, but for sure he has been a prolific player in his 16 years at New Jersey. Another famous name is Martin Brodeur. Some analysts consider him as the best player from the Devils history. He won famous trophies like Vezina, for four times and William M. Jennings for five times. On this list we can add more others names like Scott Stevens, Ken Daneyko, or John MacLean. The current captain of the team is Andy Green, who stay on this position since 2015.

In conclusion, the NJ Devils club have a lot of history in the back, beautiful matches, won titles, emblematic players and tough rivalry, all resumed in 46 years of existence.